Amsterdam Info

How much do you tip in a restaurant? What is the code of conduct in public transport? What is different about Dutch law compared to the majority of nations? Read all info you need on Amsterdam on this page. The city is unique in various ways. It’s always good to know what the local perspective on things is, and this is the spot for Amsterdam.

Safety Info

Like any big metropolitan Amsterdam has seen its share of things you need to know as a tourist. It is one of the safest capitals in the world, but of course the popularity of the city also has some less fortunate side effects. Read everything you need to know about safety in Amsterdam here.

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Amsterdam Culture

To further enhance your Amsterdam experience, it pays to familiarize yourself with Amsterdam culture. They  are great people once you know them, so this is useful info. Read what the people of Amsterdam are all about here.

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Amsterdam has a long and rich history. Great architecture, beautiful buildings and prominent museums. How all this and the canals came about you can read here.

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