max 3MAX ZORN – RED, This might sound like the title of a movie and the chances are big that there will be a movie, but that’s not what this topic is about right now. Amsterdam has a new bright upcoming star as it comes to Art, Let’s call it the 2K Dutch masters.

max zorn2 The works that Max Zorn presents takes the view of using everyday materials to a whole different level. Just by using brown packaging tape, a scalpel, light and a whole lot of creativity he creates gorgeous artworks. JUST BY USING PACKAGING TAPE?????



I first met his art in the top windows of the Original Dampkring coffeeshop, a modern day sepia impression of Amsterdam. with some urban legends embedded in this piece 🙂


From 31st Januari this Saturday 17:00 the works of Max Zorn will be on  expo at the Original Dampkring Gallery, a brand new art gallery on the singel canal (check links for detailed info) and I am as proud Amsterdammer  looking forward to the stuff he is bringing.

To give you a small impression of what and who Max Zorn is, we leave you with a couple of making of videos and a small impression gallery. and you can always check out