YŌ-KAI-JU This is the name of an amazing and unique glass expo in Amsterdam. The fairly new Original Dampkring Gallery keeps enriching Amsterdam with a wide range of Art expo’s that our city has been craving for. “The Original Dampkring Gallery focuses on contemporary art, sculpture and photography” that is how they descibe themselves….personally we found that it is  a joy to visit the gorgeous location at this open attitude gallery…

But not to get lost on the coolness of the gallery itself, the upcoming expo YŌ-KAI-JU…..this is going to be a unique one. From Japan they have award-winning artists Yoshinori Kondo, Daisuke ‘Disk’ Saito (SLOP), and Junichi ‘Rose Roads’ Kojima side by side with the fenominal American artists SALT and SNIC.

The theme and name of the expo YŌ-KAI-JU basically means: Mythical beasts and monsters forgive me if my Japanese translation is a bit off, but you try google translate with japanese and see if you do better 🙂

Untitled-1On the website of the Original Dampkring Gallery you will find  more information, but we advise ” when in Amsterdam, that period…a must see”

Singel 395 | 1012WN | Amsterdam | The Netherlands