Amsterdam has a lot of water in and around the city, so it wouldnt surprise you that instead of the familiar drive-trough fastfood restaurants we now have a float-trough restaurant.


lekker ip het waterThis summer season the old Royal Dutch Navy ship the Ms. Nautilus is hosting the pilot of this one of a kind historic aquatic restaurants/Float-trough in Amsterdam called “Lekker op het water”.Everyone with a boat, ship, surfboard or even swimming by can hop on board to have a quick bite to eat and enjoy the spacious nostalgic environment this marine vessel has to offer

From the 18th of may untill 29th of June 2014 you can find the Ms Nautilus every Sunday at what we like to call the southern sea, but basically is known as ijburg these days. If you dont have a boat, ship, jetski or surfboard the Ms Nautilus offers a shuttle boat service to take you to and from the ship for a small fare of 2 euro for a return ticket.

Mind you, check the website for the mobile phone number to reserve or contact shuttle boat service

The Float-trough is opened every sunday from 11.00 until 20.00 and ofcourse opened for special reservations or requests, but you will have to contct them trough the website from Lekker op het water where you will also find the simple but satisfying sailors menu.eten

The Ms Nautilus is a nice day out to enjoy water, food,drink and a beautiful environment around Amsterdam that would normally stay hidden if you would walk around the city following all the trusty paved roads.

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We hope you will enjoy it as much as we would, and dont worry you wont get inlisted in the Dutch navy if you board the ship, and there are no recent sightings of the seamonsters