cannabis-cupThe High Times Cannabis circus is coming to town again for their annual Cannabis cup. This event is not only about smoking pot and judging the quality of the entries in this election. The whole circus is a melting pot of seminars, education, expo’s, new products, concerts and of course visiting a coffeeshop and smoking marijuana. The Melkweg venue is homebase for the nightly entertainment with lots of bands and entertainment, but during the day the Roest venue holds an expo where ¬†you ca find everything concerning the marihuana plant.

Besides the Roest expo and Melkweg venue most coffeeshops make a big party out of it all and will provide you with the best smoke they have in stock. Several branch related companies also show their stuff. The High Times Cannabis Cup exists from several categories

  1. Best coffeeshop
  2. Best weed
  3. Best hash
  4. Best seedcompany
  5. Best strains
  6. Best new product
  7. Best Glass

When we look at the other categories that are not directly related to green thumbs, we like the category “new product” because that give a sense of innovative smokers behavior we wouldn’t expect. Best Glass is pure art, if you look at the products made from glass you can hardly imagine that they have anything to do with smoking marijuana. Winner of the last couple of years is the ROOR company from Germany, which is like “Rolex” in bong culture, ROOR has a steady base in Amsterdam trough their flagship store ROOR Shop Amsterdam, So when you are in the neighborhood we recommend you to give them a visit.

All and all, the High Times Cannabis cup 2013 is a must see whether you are a smoker or not. For more info about tickets and schedule check the High Times website here.